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Beyond the Valleycliffe of the Dolls 2017

Squamish's Valleycliffe trail network is a dense tangle. It's easy to get lost and easier still to miss the area's steep rocky hidden treasures. The annual Beyond the Valleycliffe of the dolls is a guided social ride through some of these delights. The trails are intimidating, but the atmosphere is positive, encouraging, and most importantly low-pressure.

The 2017 installation of the BVOD was attended by 30 or 40 riders. The group moved at a leisurely pace. At any particularly technical section we would stop to scope out lines, cheer each other on, chat, and get some tips on how to ride that particular bit of trail. The casual pace to the day meant there was always an opportunity to take a second or third run at a feature if it was too much fun to do only once.

Whether you know Valleycliffe or have never ridden there, if you like riding steep rock lines you should do the BVOD next year. It'll be one of the most purely fun days you'll have on your bike.

Cheers to the volunteers and organizers!

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